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22299 Hwy 62 Shady Cove, Oregon 97539  (541) 878-3807


country store

the country store

Real texas bbq, cooked low and slow

Huge Briskets, Pork Butts, Ribs, Turkey, Sausage and Chicken all cooked using the best Mesquite and Oak available.


a stone's throw from the rogue River
Country store

If you are going rafting, fishing, hunting or camping, you are passing right by us. Stop in for some lunch, or grab it to go and enjoy it on your adventure.


The Rogue Valley is home to lots of craftsmen and women, artists and authors. Find their wares in our store.


our story


Need to feed an ARMY? Or maybe just a family reunion or company party? We can help take the stress and mess out of it. Call us today to see how we can help. (541) 878-3807


real bbq takes time, quality ingredients, and passion

When most people think BBQ, they think of  a summer cook out with burgers and hot dogs cooked directly above the heat source. That's not what we do here. This is Texas BBQ, which is slow cooked for hours and hours. This means indirect heat, low temperatures, and flavorful smoke from mesquite and oak wood. Texas BBQ is seasoned with a dry rub before cooking, and the cooking process itself, with the right wood, adds flavor while making it tender. Sauce is typically served on the side.

Check out the store

We have a diverse selection of locally sourced and crafted gifts, treasures and art. Take something home that reminds you of what makes Oregon great: the people.



(541) 878-3807

22299 Highway 62 Shady Cove, Oregon

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